Boxers for Children and Toddlers

7:28:00 AM

A while ago I had an anon ask for my Vday Boxers converted for kids so this is a conversion of my Valentine’s Day Boxers for Adults. The children’s version has most of the same swatches as the adult version (it is not required!). Toddler version has none of the same swatches as the adult (but most of the children's) because I had to use a new texture. But, the children’s version uses the same base texture as the adult. That was confusing... I made some of the patterns! Thanks, @thecactus for testing these! Enjoy!


CHILD ONLY: Mediafire ♡ 1Drive

TODDLER ONLY: Mediafire ♡ 1Drive

BOTH: Mediafire ♡ 1Drive

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