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Accessory Turtleneck, Tube top, and Tee-shirt that show up under ‘GLOVES’ (w/Custom Thumbnails). Only the tube top is enabled for Male Frame, cause the other two looked bad.

Has top/sleeve shadows but not bottom ones, and also no specular so it will work with non-specular having things. If you want to wear it without an actual top (like above) you need a nude one (use any you want or make your own, I just got this from googling). Comes in 22 Colors from @eversims Palette plus black and white (24 Swatches) and 6 Bonus Patterns ‘cause that’s just who I am. Great for tucking into things, I made a point not to show them tucked into anything in the preview.

DOWNLOAD ALL: Mediafire ♡ 1Drive

DOWNLOAD Turtleneck: Mediafire ♡ 1Drive

DOWNLOAD Tubetop: Mediafire ♡ 1Drive

DOWNLOAD Tee: Mediafire ♡ 1Drive

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