Saturday, March 11, 2017

She Swells Seashells Bikini

Magical Mermaid Bikini with separate top and bottom in 30 Swatches! (20 Gradients and 10 patterned bottoms w/solid top) Top will show up for male frame, bottoms will not because that high waist just doesn’t work out with all that. Thanks to @javabeandreams for all the nagging motivation.  ♥


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Mediafire (No Adfly)


  1. Just for your info ;) I really love your stuff! but today I tried to download your bikini - unfortunate kaspersky had to block Adfly because a dangerous Pishing site tried to enter to my sensitive data on my pc... guess I'm not going to download any longer your stuff! Security and safety is more important to me! Just had a crash few weeks ago and had to reinstall and reset everything (it's simply to time intense just do this kind of work and I don't get paid for that either...) Rather donate but ADFLY is pure horror...All the best for you

  2. This will look lovely on my sims (: Thank you so much. P.S where did you download the unicorn tshirt you used here in the pic on your blog?

  3. Sorry to hear that you are having problems. :( I support a lot of creators who use adfly and find windows defender and STANDS add-on for Chrome as well as being careful with what I click helps avoid malware.