Thursday, March 23, 2017

Liberated Shortalls v.1

Edited Mesh from Backyard Stuff Pack - IT IS REQUIRED! Lots of thanks to @femmeonamissionsims for helping with the annoying shadows that probably no one but us will notice. 😗 24 Swatches including - 22 Colors from @eversims Palette plus black and white. There is no shirt beneath these, you will have to use an accessory shirt. I have some coming out soon! But, here are some more good ones.


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Mediafire (No Adfly)

link updated 7/6/18


  1. I really love all your overalls edits, but the downloads are not working :( any help?

  2. Hi! You just need to click either 'mediafire' or 'onedrive' then click 'skip ad' and NOTHING else and the file will download. :)