Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Batwing Dress

Obsessed with this top from Vintage Glamour and think they missed a real opportunity not making it into a sassy dress. So, here is a cute body-hugging dress with stylish batwing sleeves in Eversims Ever-so-Lovely palette with some additional patterns. Thank you to @teanmoon for helping me not break the sleeves and being the wind beneath my wings. Thank you @femmeonamissionsims and @javabeandreams for testing. Comes with custom thumbnail overlay and all appropriate LODs, shadows, and textures as usual. 


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  1. do you need to have the pack installed to use this?

  2. I wish there would be an alternative for adfly ads! I had so many times viruses etc... rather donate instead of going trough this spam site! I have ADFLY blocked and not going to crash my pc again because of site who supports damage on a homes pc. Been there done that, not any more! Too bad won't download anything on your site due to the fact I have no other opportunities...

  3. I've been having some problems with adfly as well and exploring other option. This angry anon doesn't help or make me want to change. I'm not forcing you to download anything. :] Have a great day.