Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Long Bow Top

This does show up under TOPS on purpose, so you can wear it with lots more bottoms but, it doesn’t work with big puffy skirts and such. If you want to wear it without anything beneath, you will need a nude bottom or some specular free panties or nude bottom. 14 Solid Color Bows using popsicle-sims‘ palette, 10 Black shirts, 6 javabeandreams Candy palette colored shirts w/White bow = 30 swatches


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  1. Hi Dee, just wanted to say that I adore your creations. Thank you for making my sims game that much more fun. I have your long bow shirt in my game along with deelightfulsimmer's recolors for my pregnant sim and now with that last game update, it's acting like I don't have the mesh and showing blank when my sim puts it on. Is there any way you could update this wonderful mesh? Thank you again.