Saturday, October 22, 2016


Let me tell you a story of my favorite piece of clutter. It is this llama from The Sims 2 game ‘Don’t wake the Llama’ separated by Chimerical. It is small enough to fit in small places but, not so small you can’t see it. Anyhow. I lurve it and I had to have to have it. So I did my first conversion! Thanks again to Chimerical and her generous policy.

Llama comes in original, grey, and all 12 of SSandwich’s brights.

There are 15 posters featuring art by Deidre Wicks! Only 5 are Llamas, it is a standalone recolor of ‘Alpine Peace’ painting.


Llama: Adfly + 1Drive ( Thank you for supporting me ♡ )
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Paintings: Adfly + 1Drive ( Thank you for supporting me ♡ )
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